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Limited Handmade Gold recordz

$ 15


Coming to you from New Orleans is the quirky couple of indie swing, Chaffin and Barthe. Embracing their peculiar middle names, Molly Chaffin Reeves (guitar/vocals/redness)  and Kellen Barthe Garcia  (bass/vocals/blondness) decided it was time for a swing band to get a little funky, and spunky.  C&B puts the stank in swing playing all the classics from Fats Waller and Duke Ellington to Nat King Cole and Dizzy Gillespie.  They also rope in various rock, funk, and folk tunes into a hot mess of swing. At the heart of the C&B sound is a collection of original songs that will keep you knee hoppin' and bebopin'. 

C&B as the viper mad trio,

Live at the winter Umbria Jazz festival

Orveto, Italy

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